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Love Your Burrito Challenge
Faye Nichols

Love Your Burrito Challenge

Faye Nichols

  • Do anything for humanityDo anything for humanity
  • Calendar07/09/16 - 15/09/16
  • LocationOnline fundraiser via Facebook
  • Target$250
  • Raised $557

It's been amazing how many people have enjoyed my 'love your spouse challenge' and I wanted to do something positive and productive with that. I've had so much fun doing the challenge. It's made me so happy when I've heard that I've cheered someone up, made someone laugh or that I've simply made someone feel better about themselves because they have thought, 'no matter how mad I think I am, at least I'm not some weirdo taking photos of myself with burritos for an entire week'. Doing this challenge got me thinking that although it might not feel like it sometimes, we are all so lucky. We're alive, and we're fortunate enough to be here to appreciate some idiot taking her love for fake Mexican cuisine to new levels of insanity. If you've enjoyed my posts, if they've made you giggle, cringe, cry or feel concerned for my mental well-being, I ask that you donate $7 to UNHCR ($1 per day of the challenge). If you donate $15 or more I will personally take you out and buy you a burrito. All donations go directly to the UNHCR frontline Emergency Response Team who work in refugee camps in areas like South Sudan, Syria, Iraq and the Central African Republic, where people are forced to flee from their homes to try to find safety. For more info see: I don't believe in karma, I don't believe in God, I don't believe if you give you will get anything in return, but I do believe that people are innately kind and compassionate. Helping others won't see you get any great reward, but that's not the reason why we should do things. We live in an unfair and often cruel world, it can always use a little extra kindness and compassion... And burritos. And finally, remember; a balanced diet is a burrito in each hand.





$50 vaccinates three children against life threatening diseases such as measles and polio.




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