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smoking What better reason to quit smoking than to raise vital funds for refugees?
girl with apple Love chocolate? Try switching to fruit for a month – use your fundraising goals to keep you motivated.

Quit for humanity

Sometimes, what you don’t do is just as powerful as something you decide to do. So dare yourself to go without something you love – for one month.

Smoking, alcohol, sugar, coffee, cake, soft drink, chocolate, TV, Xbox, Facebook. The more you love it, the more people will donate to see you try to quit for a month!

When you think about it, a month isn’t that long to go without something. Especially when you consider the struggles refugees and other displaced and stateless people face every day. You have the power to make a difference – your Team UNHCR fundraiser will provide life-changing humanitarian support to people all around the world.

Up for the challenge? Simply click the button below to get started.

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