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guitarist Is music your thing? How about holding a gig at your local for humanity?
soccer A competitive game… or a simple picnic at the park, what you do is up to you.

Do your own thing for humanity

So you’ve got your own unique idea on how to fundraise for humanity. Fantastic news!

If not, here’s your chance to stretch your creative muscles to help refugees. You can do anything - maybe you’ll hold a trivia night, design a charity ball or make a short film?

Born organiser? If you’re the kind of person who gets things done in the office, maybe you could arrange for your work colleagues to donate the cost of just one of the coffees they have a day towards your fundraiser, and helping refugees. Or maybe you’re a social media addict, and want to have a crack at creating a viral social campaign like this one

Whatever activity you decide on, by choosing to be a part of Team UNHCR your efforts will be helping refugees and other vulnerable people access vital services and support.

Simply click the button below to get started.

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